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Thoughts on Scotland, Catalonia, democracy and charm

Originally posted on Adelina's blog of blogs:

I have my own ideas and feelings about whether Catalonia should be an independent state, and I am fully aware that other Catalans may think and feel differently than I do. We all have our reasons.

This week we have seen the Scots vote on whether Scotland should become independent. The majority voted no. As someone who is in favour of the independence of Catalonia I can only begin to imagine how it must feel to be among the 45% of the Scots who voted yes. They were so close.

As a long-time resident in England, I have followed with admiration the way in which, soon after the Scottish National Party came into power with a mandate to seek a referendum on independence, the British Parliament announced that there would be a referendum, and ensured that it would be a legally binding one.

The attitude in Westminster was to accept…

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